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Right in the middle of Danville and Walnut Creek is a place that features the best countryside living has to offer — Alamo, CA. Alamo is in the East Bay Region of the San Francisco Bay Area and is one of the least populated places in the Trivalley, CA, Area. 

Famous for its countryside feel and quaint parks, Alamo is the place for anyone looking for a laid-back residential area in California. With a population of around 14,000 as of 2020, it’s also the least populated area in the Trivalley Area. 

Look no further for a laid-back suburban spot in Contra Costa County!

A Place of Cultural Diversity and High Home Ownership

Despite its small population, Alamo has a culturally diverse population. Alamo’s population consists of white non-Hispanics, Asians, Hispanics, and Pacific Islanders, to name a few. 

Equally noteworthy is Alamo’s homeownership rate. Alamo has the highest percentage of homeownership in California, with 93.1% of residents owning houses. The rate is not only higher than in most parts of the Trivaller Area but also trumps the national average of 64%. 

Fun Things To Do in Alamo, CA

Alamo is home to several community parks that are perfect for children. The community parks have playground facilities that many children in the area enjoy frequenting. 

Besides community parks, museums and boutiques lie in the downtown area. If you prefer the great outdoors, go on a hike or bike ride on the many trails of Las Trampas Regional Wilderness Park. 

Alamo is nearby other places in the Trivalley Area. A short drive brings you to places like Concord, Sacramento, and Wine Country. If you want to explore the East Bay area, Alamo is the best starting point! 

Dining Options in Alamo, CA

The vast majority of dining establishments in Alamo are along Danville Boulevard, just a block from Alamo Way. You can choose from various restaurants and bistros that specialize in Mexican cuisine. 

If you’re in the mood for fine-crafted beer, we recommend you check out the EJ Phair Brewing Company at the Alamo Plaza Shopping Center. Here, you’ll also find Xenia Bistro, a rustic restaurant, and bar that serves American and Italian cuisine. 

Do you fancy dinner and a show? The Peasant’s Courtyard along Danville Boulevard hosts live music and serves some of the best American and European sandwiches in Alamo, CA. 

Top-rated Schools in Alamo

There are 14 schools in Alamo, CA. Some of the most highly rated elementary schools are along Danville Boulevard. Two of the best are Starlight Montessori School and Rancho Romero Elementary School. 

Along Wilson Road is Alamo Elementary School. A ten-minute drive from Wilson Road gets you to one of the county’s finest special education schools, Lucille Mauzy School. 



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