Dublin, CA

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Dublin, CA, is the suburban crown jewel of Alameda County for its pristine rolling hills and bustling residential and commercial developments. As one of the fastest-growing communities in the Trivalley Area, Dublin has proven itself to be one of the best places to live. 

From various points within this suburban city, you’ll get spectacular views of Mt. Diablo and Livermore Valley. The city’s topography also makes it a haven for golfers and hikers. 

The city’s Irish heritage is also palpable in the city’s ornamentations and signs. Most importantly, you can get a whiff of Dublin’s Irish past with the celebrations and events that take place in the city. 

In short, Dublin is a lot like a four-leaf clover — you won’t find it anywhere else! 

Dublin’s Young Population

With a population of approximately 73,000, Dublin is diverse in culture and age demographics. However, what’s unique about Dublin is its young population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 data, residents under the age of 18 made up more than a quarter of the city’s population. The remaining 74% consisted of adults aged 25 to 44, children below the age of five, and adults aged 65 and over. Based on the same data, Dublin also has an ethnically diverse population.

Fun Things To Do in Dublin

Because of Dublin’s topography and weather, it’s the perfect city for golfers. Dublin is home to the famous Dublin Ranch Golf Course. The golf course is a par 63 golf course that’s open to the public. Feel free to grab your golf bag and tee off. 

You can also go for a dip at Emerald Glen Park. The park has an indoor pool that’s also open to the public. If you want swimming lessons, they’re also available at the Emerald Glen Park indoor pool. 

The developments in Dublin have given the city’s residents various options for shopping. Downtown, you’ll see many shops, including Dublin Place, the Shops at Waterford, and Persimmon Place. 

Let’s not forget the abundance of hiking options you have just beyond the city center. Put on your hiking boots and head over to either the Martin Canyon Creek Trail or the Calaveras Ridge Regional Trail. 

Dining in Dublin

There are many restaurants and cafes in Dublin, but if you’re after the best eats in the city, you’ll find them along Hacienda Drive and Martinelli Way. 

Some of the hottest restaurants in the area are Pacific Catch, Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar, and Market Tavern Dublin. 

Top Rated Schools in Dublin

Dublin has a total of 12 schools. Seven of them are elementary schools, and the remaining four schools are middle and high schools. 

Two of the top-rated elementary schools in the area are James Dougherty Elementary School and Jose Maria Amador Elementary. Cottonwood Creek School offers top-notch K-8 education.



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