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Lafayette thrills hikers and its residents with 15 square miles of rolling hills and wide open spaces. Besides its natural beauty, Lafayette’s welcoming and thriving community attracts newcomers who desire a more relaxing pace of life in the heart of nature. 

Don’t let Lafayette’s natural charm fool you. This small city still has a lot to offer in the way of schools, shopping, dining, and culture. Find out more about this laid-back city in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

A Hospitable Haven Housing a Young and Middle-aged Community

As of 2020, Lafayette is home to at least 25,300 residents, based on the most recent census by the U.S. Census Bureau. In this quaint city in the San Francisco Bay Area, residents aged 45 to 64 make up more than a third of the city’s population. 

The proportion of residents younger than 18 isn’t too far behind. Based on the same data, under-18 residents made up 24.9% of the city’s population. 

These demographics point to one fact — Lafayette is a city for families. In fact, the lion’s share of households is owned by families. 

If you’re moving in with your family, know that you’re in good company in Lafayette! 

Fun Things To Do in Lafayette

Lafayette is full of attractions for a city of its modest size. Given its agricultural heritage, many attractions are available for those who love the great outdoors. To start your Lafayette adventure, enjoy a bike ride along the city’s famous 2.5-mile Lakeside Trail. Along your journey, you can feast your eyes on the historic Lafayette Reservoir, where picturesque picnic sites are everywhere. 

The downtown area has a lot in store too. From Mt. Diablo Boulevard to Oak Hill Road, you’ll come across various boutiques and antique stores. Mt. Diablo Boulevard hosts some of the city’s biggest annual events like the Lafayette Art, Wine, and Music Festival. 

Where To Eat When in Lafayette

The downtown area is home to numerous restaurants offering various culinary options for any palette. Ribs, Italian pizza, and Peruvian cuisine are a stroll away when you’re on Mt. Diablo Boulevard. 

Are you up for Chinese food? Head over to Oak Hill Road and check out one of the Chinese restaurants in the area, Uncle Yu’s. 

Schools in Lafayette

In Lafayette, you’ll find four elementary schools and four of the best high schools in the Bay Area. Lafayette is home to Miramonte High School, Las Lomas High School, Campolindo High School, and Acalanes Union High School.

As for primary schools, the city has several options. Among the city’s elementary schools are Burton Valley Elementary, Lafayette Elementary, Happy Valley Elementary, and Springhill Elementary School. 

There are other schools in Lafayette, CA. You can find more information on these schools from their respective school districts here.



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